Under the surface of Accountancy

You may be wondering what an Accountant does and why they are so important to the daily running of your business. At Optimum we are a CIMA Practising Certificate Holder, and our Accountants can help you to: manage financial systems and budgets undertake financial...

Quantity Surveying, to infinity and beyond

Quantity Surveyors (QS) have been around since the restoration of London after the Great Fire, so it is fair to say that the role of a QS has changed drastically since it first began. New technology has allowed for opportunities and challenges for the QS as the role...

How can Management Consultancy help your business?

Business challenges come in a variety of different ways and can easily be dealt with by the very capable teams within your business, but usually on top of their normal workload. Sometimes particular expertise is required or an independent view that is unbiased and...

Work-life balance, financial challenges and mental health

Work-related mental ill-health should not be playing a part in adding to that pressure. Work is more than financial stability, it offers a sense of purpose, achievement, social interaction and confidence. But it can also provide risks to mental health and wellbeing...

Why Mental Health Matters at Work

At Optimum, our whole team works remotely, so those photocopier chats, cup of tea talks and corridor smiles are sometimes missed. A lot of people say that your work colleagues will end up knowing more about you than some of your friends away from work, as talking to...

How can the Housebuilding Industry become more sustainable?

The Housebuilding Industry is currently one of the largest contributors to climate change. It is also one of the industries likely to be severely impacted from the effects of climate change. This article discusses innovative ideas that will allow the field to become...

In Person vs Remote Training

The world has changed in the last 24 months, affecting every aspect of life – from our day-to-day chores, our social lives and, of course, how we work. We went from a slow move to the online world to entirely depending on it. Like companies all over the world, Optimum...

“Leadership offers an opportunity to make a difference…” – Bill Owens

  Not many people aspire to be a leader when they are young. Maybe they want to be a doctor, sports person, chef or an artist. According to Douglas MacArthur, ‘most leaders become just that by the equality of their actions and the integrity of their intent’....

5 steps to growing in your career

What would you love to learn this year?  Here are 5 steps to growing in your career:  Step 1 Demonstrate curiosity. Remain inquisitive about developments and issues in your own profession, but also in the wider world of work to keep up to date with trends and how...

Words to live by…

We thought you would like to get to know more about our team so we asked them to share their words to live by and explain why they do so. Over the coming weeks this page will be populated with more words to live by, so pop back to learn more!

Who are we and what do we do?

We hope this gave you a little insight into who we are and what we do. We partner with clients in the Housebuilding and Construction Industry by offering a range of Services. Consultancy - Our team of consultants are all experts in their fields which enables them to...


Instead of taking 5 minutes, take 7... 2020 has been a year like no other, and has offered triumphs and challenges for us all. At Optimum we are always looking to gain further insights about the housebuilding industry and how we can all progress together. We have...

We thought you would like to #meettheteam!

Putting a face to the name is always helpful. If you would like to learn more about our members of staff and their areas of expertise, head over to the About Us area of our website. Follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates!

5 reasons why we are a Preferred Partner of COINS

Since establishing Optimum we have been a Preferred Partner of COINS, something we are really proud of. COINS are the leading software in the construction and housebuilding industry.

5 reasons why we use Monday.com

Starting a business in any industry is full of unknowns, and the first year is all about finding your feet. These are just 5 reasons why we use monday.com at Optimum.

Do you have SaaS?

Do you have SaaS? It is everywhere and it makes our lives so much easier every day. Get in touch if you want to talk SaaS with us, or head over to our LinkedIn page for regular updates!

Our Survey Said…

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete THE BIG 7 survey.   Inevitably, 100% of the people surveyed said that COVID is the biggest challenge facing their business in 2021. Every client surveyed reported significant improvements to their business processes,...

What challenges are you facing?

Are you: managing a new project? reviewing and developing new systems and processes? implementing new systems? something else? Trust us to provide advice and guidance to help you achieve your goals and tackle challenges. Allow your business to evolve through...

Meet our new Head of Consultancy

We are delighted to announce that Giles Asker is now Head of Consultancy at Optimum. Giles is a senior executive with over 25 years' experience in the Housebuilding Industry,  having held numerous senior positions including Construction Director, Operations Director,...

Pivot for Success

When your business has lots of differing priorities it can be difficult to focus and determine the best way forward. You can end up feeling as if you are going round in circles without achieving anything. Our business consultants are all experts in their fields which...



"Optimum are able to offer support, and challenge in equal measures, whilst providing system and process expertise from working with other companies on the COINS system." - Bromford

Optimum helped us to understand how to get the best out of our current systems, and offered support and training to improve processes and team outcomes. They created role based profiles which helped us to minimise access risks, and ensure all colleagues had the right access to systems to meet their work objectives.

Optimum also redefined our commercial payment structures to remove old historical options and move forward with a fresh start for new ways of working. Optimum are able to offer support, and challenge in equal measures, whilst providing system and process expertise from working with other companies on the COINS system.

They work with a flexible and adaptive approach which ebbs and flows with our priorities and availability, with a good understanding of our business and what matters most to us.

Their people are skilled and easy to work with, and move easily between technical solution design, problem solving, trainer and coach. Optimum are always responsive to our requests for help and information and are a joy to work with.

Amanda Swan – Development Director


"Optimum deliver Accountancy Services to us, helping us to resolve complications inherited from previous accountants." - Watermeadow Homes

Having worked together for over 18 months, Optimum initially helped us with a software implementation which was delivered to a very high standard.

The team at Optimum have since been delivering Accountancy Services for almost a year, which has helped to resolve complications inherited from our previous accountants and have now taken over our full monthly accounting systems.

I feel they are part of our internal team and are always on hand to provide assistance in a timely manner. Communication is proactive and they assist in many areas of the business.

Andy Chapman – Director

Watermeadow Homes

"Their industry knowledge and expertise adds real value." - bunnyhomes

bunnyhomes started work with Optimum in November 2018, the team have been instrumental in assisting us to successfully implement COINS into the business. Our project has encompassed all modules from Land Appraisal through to Customer Care giving bunnyhomes a full business solution which has significant benefits for us as a company.  The long standing relationship we hold continues to explore and invest in new projects to add further value by embracing the latest functionality available. Optimum have advised us on business process and policies and more recently helped support our finance function, we have found their industry knowledge and expertise adds real value and look forward to continuing the relationship over the coming years.

Barry Stiles – Managing Director


"We were confident that Optimum had a good understanding of what we wanted to achieve." - C G Fry & Son Ltd

Following a recommendation from COINS, we worked with Optimum to implement COINS from another system. With the knowledge that Carole was a previous Finance Director within the industry, in the same role as I am currently in, and a team who were previously industry experts in their respective fields, we were confident that Optimum had a good understanding of what we wanted to achieve. Optimum have a broad knowledge of COINS and we felt well advised on the set up and decisions we had to make throughout the process. Implementation started remotely but the pandemic did not stop our project, and more recently Optimum have been onsite to advise and support where required. Optimum were always accessible and the implementation went very smoothly. I would be happy to recommend Optimum to others within the Housebuilding and Construction industry. 

Ludovic Blackburn – Finance Director

C G Fry & Son Ltd

"Optimum have been patient, professional and helpful at every stage of our project." - Northstone

We have been working with Optimum on the implementation of Coins into our new business and more latterly to deliver further specialist training. Optimum have been patient, professional and helpful at every stage of our project. The team at Optimum are always responsive and have been able to answer our questions whilst offering additional support when we need it. Whilst we prefer in-person training, during the pandemic Optimum have been able to successfully deliver remote training to ensure our project maintained momentum. We are extremely happy with the training we receive from Optimum and their ability to provide specialist consultants who are experts in each area of COINS offers a level of comfort that our project will be successful and professionally managed.

Craig Nutter – Operations Director


"Optimum are an Approved Partner of COINS." - COINS Global

Optimum are an Approved Partner of COINS. Their staff’s experience and expertise with COINS in terms of both project delivery, consulting and as end users in the industry is impressive and helps the COINS user community to maximise the value and benefits from their COINS systems.

Chris Westbury – Chief Operating Officer, UK & Ireland


"Optimum are always there to jump into the trenches with us." - Barry Howard Homes

Optimum are always there to jump into the trenches with us to help solve problems which is why I think the project is such a success. Our relationship with Optimum is as strong as you can get for two independent companies working together.

Head of IT and Projects

Barry Howard Homes

Optimum Consulting Global Ltd. Company Reg: 11777913
Southgate House, Southgate Street, Gloucester, GL1 1UD

Optimum Consulting Global Ltd. Company Reg: 11777913
Southgate House, Southgate Street, Gloucester, GL1 1UD