Under the surface of Accountancy

You may be wondering what an Accountant does and why they are so important to the daily running of your business.

At Optimum we are a CIMA Practising Certificate Holder, and our Accountants can help you to:

  • manage financial systems and budgets
  • undertake financial audits
  • provide financial advice
  • liaise with clients and provide financial information and advice
  • review the company’s systems and analyse risk
  • perform tests to check financial information and systems
  • advise clients on tax planning and tax issues associated with activities such as business acquisitions and mergers
  • maintain accounting records and prepare accounts and management information for small businesses
  • advise clients on business transactions, such as mergers and acquisitions
  • counsel clients on areas of business improvement, or dealing with insolvency
  • detect and prevent fraud
  • liaise with internal and external auditors (where applicable) and deal with any financial irregularities as they arise
  • produce reports and recommendations following internal audits or public sector audits
  • prepare financial statements, including monthly and annual accounts
  • arrange financial management reports, including financial planning and forecasting
  • advise on tax and treasury issues
  • negotiate terms with suppliers
  • amongst many other tasks…

If you would like to learn more about our Accountancy Services, head over to our product sheet here.

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