Quantity Surveying, to infinity and beyond

Quantity Surveyors (QS) have been around since the restoration of London after the Great Fire, so it is fair to say that the role of a QS has changed drastically since it first began.

New technology has allowed for opportunities and challenges for the QS as the role has evolved and adapted to fit in with the time.

So how do these changes affect the Housebuilding and Construction industry?

  • New trends, regulations and challenges in the industry affect the QS role
  • Tighter budgets and increased costs
  • Labour and material shortages
  • Growing expectation of added value to get the best possible results
  • Turning to QS more frequently for more in-depth advice than previously to provide greater understanding of issues
  • QS now advises on risk and value management, sustainability, project financing and legal services.

How is technology affecting the QS role?

  • Improving at a fast rate which supports and alters the QS role
  • Newer and faster ways of working are being used so the older printed drawings and use of Excel are diminishing
  • The QS has to identify the right tool to deliver great quality at speed
  • It allows the QS to automate more to save time, they can then reduce costs for clients
  • Everyone who needs it can have access to real-time data thanks to the Cloud technology now available to help speed up costing processes and making final models more accurate.

What opportunities and challenges are you facing, and how is your QS evolving and adapting to suit today’s world?


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