Are you getting the most out of your COINS system?

Our Options Service Agreement provides our clients with the necessary support and knowledge needed to improve usage and efficiency within their business. Our highly skilled team all come from the Construction and Housebuilding industry and provide support with issue resolution, software upgrades, training, and surgery days.

Our clients have purchased COINS, it has been implemented in their business, and then with our Service Agreement, we provide them with the peace of mind that when they need support to get the most from their system, want to upgrade, or implement new modules of COINS, we are here to help. Options Service Agreements help our clients maintain performance, keep operations up and running smoothly, and provides advice and guidance along the way, protecting the future potential of your system.

With a Service Agreement, our clients have access to our expertise within the agreed SLA which will allows them to have an expert by their side to help find the resolution required.


Key: Included, Optional, Excluded

Administration of Users
  • User Setup, Security and Access
  • Current User Administration
  • Management of Starters and Leavers
Service Packs
  • Coordination with COINS for the application and testing of service packs in all environments
  • Non-Live Environments for basic system testing, before Live
  • Quarterly updates recommended
COINS Support Liaison
  • Triage of Issues and Bugs
  • Logging of Issues and Bugs on RemedyForce
  • Follow up and chasing RemedyForce tickets
Annual System Review
  • A yearly review of your system and usage including delivery of a report recommending ways that system usage can be improved or enhanced
Administration of Companies
  • Help with Issues and Questions relating to Live Processing
  • Quick Wins and Troubleshooting
  • Queries and Exceptions
  • Help with Issues and Questions relating to workflows
  • Advice and Guidance on Workflow Changes
  • Existing Workflow Administration
  • New Workflows
Environment Copies
  • Coordination with COINS for the Copy of Environments in line with business requirements
Training and Surgery Days
  • In-person or remote sessions offering additional training or troubleshooting advice to users (travel expenses are an additional cost)
Administration of Modules
  • Help with Issues and Questions relating to Live Processing
  • Advice on Reporting Bugs vs Consultancy
  • Quick Wins and Troubleshooting
  • Queries and Exceptions
  • Coordination with COINS for the upgrade of Environments
  • Full testing of all Live modules in a Non-Live Environment
  • Upgrade release notes – highlighting new functionality
Forms, Reports and Dashboards
  • Wording and aesthetic changes and updates to existing forms and reports
  • New forms and reports


What is a Service Agreement?

A service agreement offers our clients the comfort of knowing that they have a dedicated team of COINS experts ready to assist their team with COINS issues and queries in a timeframe that will allow their business to operate efficiently.

What does a Service Agreement provide above and beyond the COINS ALF (Annual License Fee)?

COINS ALF covers technical issues with the software but does not cover you for everyday tasks such as amending or creating user access, queries on processing, form issues, upgrades etc. For many companies, being able to manage these tasks can be time consuming and it can be difficult to find appropriate resource to be trained up in some of these tasks.

How do I know that my issues will be dealt with in an appropriate time frame?

As part of the service agreement we operate under a set of SLA’s that will be discussed and agreed with you. We monitor all call responses and will provide monthly reports to you detailing the number of calls and response times.

How long is the Service Agreement?

The service agreement is for a 12 month period and is reviewed annually. At the review meeting we look at the number of calls that have been logged and if appropriate can adjust the level of support required.

How are tickets logged?

We use the Freshdesk support system for logging of all tickets. When a client signs up for a service agreement with us then we issue users with the information needed to be able to log support tickets.

Optimum Consulting Global Ltd. Company Reg: 11777913
Southgate House, Southgate Street, Gloucester, GL1 1UD

Optimum Consulting Global Ltd. Company Reg: 11777913
Southgate House, Southgate Street, Gloucester, GL1 1UD