Business Consultancy

When your business needs to pivot its outlook for success in the months ahead it can be difficult to focus and determine the best way forward.

Our team of business consultants are all experts in their fields which enables us to add significant value to your business. At Optimum we have held senior positions within the Housebuilding and Construction industry, so we understand the challenges that your business can face and offer practical advice and support. Although we know that no two projects or clients are alike, we are committed to the successful delivery of all projects. 

Our core values of Trust | Evolve | Sustain, are our DNA.

At Optimum we all believe in and understand these values and strive to work in this way. Our combined multi-disciplinary experience, coupled with our values means we offer experience backed, informed, considered and relevant advice and solutions. We tailor our advice and solutions to your business and your objectives whilst aligning with your business values.

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Building Trust

Helping Your Projects Evolve

Sustaining Strong Partnerships

What might we be able to help you with?

Business Restructuring

Whether it is identifying business efficiencies, delivering business transformation projects or restructuring your team, we have the experience to help you do this in an efficient way that works for you.

Resource and Recruitment

Whether it is restructuring your team, recruiting the right team at the right time, or provisioning interim resource, we are able to guide you in the direction which will suit your business objectives.

Start Ups

Starting a business is a daunting process, but whether you are at day 1, 45 or 385 we are here to help establish your business. From recruiting the right team at the right time, to putting software and systems in place that are fit for purpose, and establishing comprehensive reporting, we can build a strong structure to work from. Embedding company culture is key to ensuring staff understanding, buy in and overall success for what you want to achieve.

Business Process and Policy Review, Design and Development

Ensuring robust structure within processes and policies within your business is key for success. We can help you to design and implement policies and procedures to allow structure and control throughout your business.


Implementing, Managing and Embedding Change

Putting together a business transformation project which helps and advises you on how to make the transition happen and then ensure it is embedded within your business will allow us to advise you on best practice. We will be able to help you manage communications within your business regarding the change that is happening, and we can provide cost benefit analysis on proposed changes.

Regional Splits and New Offices

Advising on the setting up of new regional offices including location and availability of resource, whilst also planning the logistics can be a demanding task. Let us help you to find the most appropriate solution for your business.

Customer Care and Product Quality

We are able to help you improve Customer Care and achieve better customer feedback to improve your future goals. We can also look at product quality to help improve Customer Experience.

Product Review and/or Diversification

Reviewing product ranges, suggesting and implementing improvement or diversification or product range can allow your business to grow and thrive.


Helping you identify key information needed to manage effectively, along with in depth analysis of your business will allow us to work together to design and produce meaningful reports.

Market Research

Providing detailed market research if you are looking at specific projects or areas to diversify into can give focus to future goals for your business. We can interpret market research results to provide you with a solid base on which to work with.

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Optimum Consulting Global Ltd. Company Reg: 11777913
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