5 steps to growing in your career

What would you love to learn this year?


Here are 5 steps to growing in your career: 

Step 1

Demonstrate curiosity. Remain inquisitive about developments and issues in your own profession, but also in the wider world of work to keep up to date with trends and how they impact on your industry.


Step 2

Seek the most of the opportunities given to you so that you can try new ideas to improve, innovate and learn to inform your approach to work.


Step 3

Retain a proactive approach to developing skills, knowledge, and expertise through experience. Connect with internal and external peers and benchmark your work and learn from others.


Step 4

Strive to understand yourself better by being aware of your own strengths and development areas (not weaknesses) and the limits of expertise you have.

Use your expertise to coach and mentor others to have a deeper understanding of their self.

Behaviour focused on enabling your own and other’s continued professional development is key to open doors.


Step 5

Pursue feedback from peers or leaders and use it to learn and develop by acting upon it. Reflect on learning and constructive criticism to move forward and be the best you can be.


Be passionate about what you do, seek out the opportunities given to you and keep on growing.



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