12 highlights of 2021

On the run up to Christmas we will be sharing with you some business insights amongst personal achievements from this year for our team 🎄

Our first highlight of 2021 is that we sponsored Selston Football Club.

Our second highlight of 2021 is that we were able to meet up as a full team twice this year. Both team days were full of positive energy, idea generation, looking to the future of Optimum and plenty of donuts too! We look forward to scheduling more in-person team days in the New Year.

Our third highlight of 2021 is that we welcomed three new team members to the Optimum team.

Our fourth highlight of 2021 is that four of our team treated themselves to new cars!

Our fifth highlight of 2021 is that five of the Optimum team moved house this year. In the madness of this year, five of our team decided to turn their houses upside-down too and move into a new one!

Our sixth highlight of 2021 is that we have ‘worked’ in six countries this year. Our clients now span throughout the world and it has been an insightful year of learning about new cultures, time zones and ways of working in the online world.

Our seventh highlight of 2021 is that seven of our team took part in online training as part of their continued professional development to enhance their knowledge and expertise.

Our eighth highlight of 2021 is that eight of our team watched a film at the cinema on the big screen since they re-opened. With James Bond’s “No time to die” and more recently the new Spiderman out on the big screens, have you been tempted to get the full cinema experience lately?

Our ninth highlight of 2021 is that nine out of ten of our meetings were carried out online. As a remote company we understand that utilising our client’s time effectively is important, so most meetings are carried out online where they can be recorded to reflect back on, and also save travel time and costs throughout the year. #greenthinking!

Our tenth highlight of 2021 is that ten of the Optimum team own a dog! Whilst it is not a requirement of working at Optimum to have a dog, it may seem like it with the majority of the team having one.

Our eleventh highlight of 2021 is that there are now eleven dogs in the Optimum family. They like to keep us on our toes in between meetings and also bark at the most inappropriate time on occasion too! But, it’s okay, because we love them. All eleven of them 🐶

Our twelfth and final highlight of 2021 is that we have worked with over twelve brand new clients this year. A huge achievement for us as a company to continually grow and work with clients across the globe. We look forward to forming further partnerships with clients past, present and future in 2021.


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